I let love in

Been digging between tunes and feelings and I came up with this post. So here it is,  more of the work I m always happy to share. The atmosphere is slightly changed but the emotive state remains.  This photo session was brilliant, full of experiments with emotions. Do me a favor and add a delirious … Continue reading

Together in Electric Dreams

LE:  It s 4 AM and I m having my coffee. That is a bit inconvenient considering  that today I ll be away, with work. Anyway, I ll  stop complaining for a start and try to focus on my job, searching for some new inspiration.  I have been awfully twisted lately but looking at these … Continue reading

You make me weak in the knees

Capturing feelings on a camera is like a confession. While constantly exploring, discovering emotions, there is this perfect timing when in that perfect moment, the naked truth unveils

Only one thing is needed

Beauty comes in many ways..Regardless of its shape and form, it catches our eye and we are being drown easily until we fall… And the unexpected happens.  It s like magic. And who doesn t like magic?  I personally, find beauty in attitude.  It is something that makes me wanna believe. Like the silence before … Continue reading

Boys will be boys(LE)

“One day, suddenly, time took a turn that once felt so brief ..”

Beauty Shot

MUA: Lidia Baloi Model: Cristiana

Life In Technicolor

My first collaboration with Chotronette. The start of a beautiful friendship I d say http://chotronette.blogspot.com/

Primul post pe 2009

Updating my old photoblog 🙂 Please, do enjoy