Brand new beginnings

Don t hide what you feel

I ve been back and forth (LE)

So why not posting more shots ? LATER EDIT !  I have been back and forth with what to update .. but now I know ! even tho’ it s hard to choose between photos with interesting, talented models. Ok, so, talking a little bit about me, I m now drinking my coffee (of course). … Continue reading

Time will tell

Alice in her Wonderland

“L’ hedoniste” is the latest collection of clothes released by Chotronette back in October. The script described Alice in a marvelous imaginary place, full of colors and shadows, that one perceives it magical. Shooting the collection with models from Avant-Garde made it a great experience. The photo session took place in Iasi where I had … Continue reading

About M.

Making decisions can be difficult sometimes, so that would be an explanation for deleting some photos and posting others instead. In the end I thought about Meg. Great looks and personality, a really creative model, aiming to get as close as possible to perfection. I ll let these shots do the talking. And soon to … Continue reading

Flipping the pages

More to see

Sweet words don t mean a thing

Work work work. I ll continue uploading so you guys can enjoy and train your eyes for beauties. I m planning on going outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather because in the past few weeks I have been in the studio a lot. Changing the background is always refreshing. But enough talking

Stories in black and white